Changing Nameservers


Changing nameservers may sound like a complicated ordeal, but in reality, it is a simple task. When you register your domain, the registrar “parks” your domain for free and, in most cases, automatically posts a placeholder onto your site so if anyone happens by, they’ll know a new site will be coming soon.

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Choosing a Web Hosting Service


It’s a bit confusing for new websters, but registering the domain name doesn’t get your website posted onto the World Wide Web. That first step is like buying a lot. Now we have to build a house on it. Just like homebuilding, you can either build a website yourself or hire a contractor. And, just like a home, you have to pay a monthly or annual fee (mortgage or rent) to keep it. (If you paid cash for your home, that’s awesome, but you’ll still have to pay a fee for web hosting. Sorry.) That is, unless you select a free host.

What’s the difference?

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Registering Your Domain Name

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After further thought, I was wrong about combining the topics of domain registration and selecting a web host. While neither step (registration of domain or signing up with hosting service) takes much time to physically complete, it will take two separate posts here to give you the necessary background information to help prepare you to complete those steps.

When registering your domain name, you have over 60 characters, several choices of extensions to play with, and possibly countless questions. What to name your site? What about hyphens & underscores? Do you need a .com or .net or .org or some other new and different extension? Where does one get a domain name, anyway? What’s a URL? What does DNS mean? And the question many have wondered for ages, who is WHOIS?

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Choosing the Best Blogging Platform for You


There are many blogging platforms to choose from — some of the most popular are Blogger, (hosted), (stand-alone), Moveable Type, and TypePad. I have used all three of those, and each has its good and bad points, and your choice of which is best for you depends largely on your purpose in blogging.

Questions to ask yourself before making your selection:

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How to Start a Blog in 6 Easy Steps

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For those of you who haven’t yet started your blog, this post will give an overview of how easy it is to begin. If someone else set up your blog for you, this will teach you how to set up any future blogs you may wish to begin. Each step is simple, but to ensure everyone understands, we’ll continue this series with a follow-up post on each of the steps (except Step One, since we’ve already covered that). Continue reading →