How to Use a URL Shortener Effectively

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I’ve mentioned before that I use the free URL shortening service. (Read how I use it in my free report, “Taming the TwitterBeast in 20 minutes a Day.” There are many other URL shortening services available. In fact, a new one,, also posts your link to StumbleUpon, which is a great feature.

Because some may not understand the benefits of using a URL shortener, today’s techie tip shares a screencast that explains some of the benefits of using a URL shortener along with tips on how to use the analytics data. I didn’t personally create this screencast, but I use every day and thought some of you may find this information useful.

Here’s the link:

The Online Marketing Blog provided a list last year of the 11 Best URL Shortening Services that includes a comparison chart. Note that this post is over a year old now and there are many new services available and some of those mentioned have since added features, but this information can help you understand what features are important to look for when choosing a URL shortener to use.

Do you have a favorite URL shortener? Please tell us which one you prefer and why.

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How to Set Up Your First Squidoo Lens

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Squidoo is a unique social networking community that is really more of a co-op. Think of it as a “farmers’ market, only instead of produce, the “lenses” contain information and products. Your first visit to Squidoo may be overwhelming, but marketing guru Seth Godin and friends have provided some good information to help newcomers get acquainted and get started. Tomorrow we’ll answer the “what is Squidoo and what are the benefits of joining this community” questions, but because today is Techie Tip Tuesday, we’re going to get right into the “How do I set up my first Squidoo lens?”

Here’s the process:

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How to Personalize Your Email Signature with WiseStamp

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One of the best places to promote our blogs and other projects is our email signature. Everyone who receives an email from you sees it, and most of us use email daily. But, as simple as that sounds, it’s not always as easy as it seems. For example, Thunderbird, an email platform developed by Mozilla that I used to use, requires you to create a graphic and attach it with sent emails if you want a specialized signature.

And then there are those who all but abuse the email signature promotion tactic. ‘ve received emails from friends with up to a dozen lines of advertising following their names, which are often displayed in huge, script-style font. That’s kind of overkill in the signature department. On the other hand, some email platforms, such as Gmail (the one I use), only provide plain-text signatures, which underplays the point of placing information below your name.

Thanks to On Blogging Well reader Aggie Villanueva for introducing me to WiseStamp. WiseStamp allows you to customize your email signature, even adding hyperlinks, graphics, and RSS feeds, without looking obtrusive or annoying. Plus, it’s free and easy. Pretty cool, huh?

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How to Customize Disqus Comments

Rajeev Edmonds

Please welcome guest blogger Rajeev Edmonds of New Delhi, India! Rajeev is a Problogger, and we met via Twitter. He has a great blog called MintBlogger, with lots of tips, so I invited him to share a techie tip with us. Blogging is Rajeev’s passion and he blogs on diverse topics, ranging from blogging tips to social media marketing techniques.

Rajeev started blogging in 2006, and it has become an essential part of his life. His goal is to share the valuable information and experience of blogging that he has gathered to his readers.

Disqus Comments have become quite popular, and I want to thank Rajeev for taking the time to explain how to customize them.

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Is Your Blog Faster than a Speeding Bullet?

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Pages that load slowly can be an annoyance to some blog guests, especially first-time visitors who aren’t yet familiar with the quality of your content. Today’s Techie Tip Tuesday post offers a dozen quick and easy ways to speed up your blog’s loading time.

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