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Dave Navarro, the “Launch Coach” and “Rock Your Day” writer, has a gift for anyone who struggles with time management. In fact, in his free (no opt-in required) 40-page eBook, he tells which three behaviors we must change to break out of our old patterns and start getting more out of life plus a few simple tactics to help change those limited behaviors.

Head over to Dave’s site and download your free copy of Dave’s “time management manifesto,” More Time Now.

Taking the Time to Blog


During the early days of my writing career, I ran across a cartoon of a boy staring out a classroom window. The caption read, “The problem with being a writer is that when you’re daydreaming, no one believes you when you say you’re working.”  I’m sure most writers have felt that way many times.

The problem is, writing your blog does take time, and part of that time is spent “thinking.” With the holidays upon us and the craziness that goes along with the season, many bloggers may be wondering, “How can I find time to blog?” The answer to that question is, “You won’t.” Time isn’t lost, so therefore, searching for it will get you know where. The secret to achieving your writing goals during busy times (or anytime, for that matter) is to not find time or make time, but to TAKE time.

If you’re old enough to remember “Conan the Destroyer,” recall the scene where the princess asks Zula (played by Grace Jones) how to get a man. Zula’s response was classic, “Grab him, and take him!” That’s what you’ll have to do when you’re ready to blog — TAKE the time. The remainder of this post will offer tips on how to do that.

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Developing a System for Your Blog


Today we’re going to expand our “techie tips” to include some blog management tips. I’ve said this many times, and it’s true — I am NOT organized. By nature, my personality type is “Sanguine,” which means my mind is mostly adrift with ideas, not structure. My point is, if I can develop a blog system, anyone can.

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