Are You Getting In Your 5-a-Day?


When my dad was a young boy, he was at church with his mother listening to a sermon about the land of milk and honey and he blurted out, “Eat your spinach!” He could’ve been a poster child for the public health initiative, 5-a-Day.

Although we know we’re supposed to eat our fruits & vegetables, (yes, even our spinach), I’m talking about blog promos. Yes, five. The concept comes from book marketing guru John Kremer. In his 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, he tells authors to pitch your book at least five times a day — every day. And that’s the key, consistency.

That’s a pretty simple promotion plan. How effective is it? So far, so good. Continue reading →

Five Things Your Mother Never Told You about Twitter


Unless you’ve been stranded on a remote island for the past three years (hey, it could happen!), you’ve heard of Twitter, the free “micro-blogging” service where users send and receive 140-character messages called “Tweets.” What you might not know is that business “tweeple” are using this platform as a major product promotion tool. And you can use it get the word out about your blog.

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C Number Three


A couple of my business associates were privileged to attend the Detroit Economic Club meeting where Michael Dell gave his now-famous “Three C’s” presentation. They told me that Dell drew three circles, and the third circle was the largest. That circle represented the third C all businesses need to become successful — Community. That word, at one time, referred to a neighborhood or small town, but today it has become a business buzz word.

“Com,” from classical Latin, means “together with” or “same.” The same root word is used in communication (share with), comfort (strengthen together), combat (fight together), and many more words we use on a daily basis. So, the basic concept is, we’re in this thing together, and we need to share and grow, and learn WITH each other. Continue reading →