How to Grow Your Twitter List Organically

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If you’ve been on Twitter more than about 47 seconds, you’ve likely read or received a tweet about how to grow your list of followers. Many promise hundreds if not thousands of followers within a matter of hours or days. When I first joined Twitter, I was lured into clicking on one of the promotional tweets for growing my list of followers. I wound up with more emails than followers, though, and quickly opted out of the program. Almost instantly, the 50 or so new followers I’d gained “unfollowed” me. No biggie. About half of them didn’t even tweet in my language.

Maybe some of the programs are legitimate. Maybe there is a faster way to grow my group of Twittermates, but I won’t be trying any¬† more gimmicks to increase my followers list. Besides, the point of Twitter is to network and make friends, which is hard to do with people I either don’t understand or have no common interests with, so I recently started a concentrated effort to gain followers on Twitter and within a week, I’ve nearly doubled my list. The best part is, the group I’m growing is targeted to the same interests as me — Blogging and Internet Marketing.

How did I do it?

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10 Tips for Being a Gracious Guest

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Guest posting has been a popular topic in the blogosphere during the past few weeks. Chris Garrett (Authority Blogger) just released an eBook, Guest Posting — for Quality Links and Targeted Traffic ($10), and Jade Craven recently published The Guest Post Mini Guide ($20). Since we host guests at On Blogging Well, plus I periodically write guest posts, I thought this would be a good topic to discuss on this Wednesday is Friends Day, especially since guest posting is a great way to connect and make friends with fellow bloggers.

Note that I’m still learning here, and yes, I’ve broken some of these “rules” in the past, but I just bought both of the abovementioned reports and hope to do better the next time I write a guest post. This list of tips will provide a good overview, but Chris and Jade go into detail about how to contact bloggers you wish to post for, working out the arrangements, how to leverage your guest post, etc. (Note to the FTC: I’m a customer of these two bloggers, not an affiliate.)

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Don’t Get Bogged Down by Blogging

Today’s guest post was written by Wendy Love. Wendy lives with bipolar depression. She is a retired teacher, self-employed artist, and now a writer. She uses her blog to share some of the things she is learning along her journey. She and her husband live in the countryside near a small town in Ontario (Canada). They have five grown children and three grandchildren. Wendy enjoys a quiet house, a cup of tea, and a good book.

Why do YOU blog?

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Free eBook — an Early Christmas Present


I’ve decided to take the day off from blogging this Friday, it being Christmas day and all. Since I don’t have a guest scheduled for today, I decided to give you your Freebie Friday gift a couple of days early. I’m wondering if I should have titled this post “Do Not Open Until Christmas.”

Since today is technically “Wednesday is Friends Day,” and we normally highlight someone who uses his or her blog for the betterment of the blogosphere, I need to let you know that I’m not the actual giver of this gift — it’s from Seth Godin, and if anyone has a unique blog, he does. Seth is the founder of Squidoo and writer of the most popular marketing blog on the planet.

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Making New Friends through Blogging


With all the how-to tips, breaking news, political opinions, and celebrity gossip in the blogosphere, it’s easy to forget that blogging is a form of social media. Yep. It’s in the same category as FaceBook, Twitter, and MySpace. In fact, I would personally say that blogging is actually more of a social media than the social networks. Why? Because blogging is the best platform available for building online relationships.

Successful bloggers are social creatures. They interact with their readers as well as with fellow bloggers. Today is “Friends Day,” and we typically share either a guest post or introduce you to a blogger who uses his or her blog in a unique way. Today I want to share with you a blogger who not only has developed a niche community but has created a fun way for fellow bloggers to make new friends.

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