Freebie – Four Ways to Build Your List Big

Build Your List Big

Without a doubt, list-building is THE number one way to nurture leads until you convert them into customers. And today’s Freebie Friday gift will help you build your list BIG!

Normally bonus products are given AFTER you make a purchase, but for today’s Freebie Friday, I’m letting you have a bonus report that typically goes with my Build Your List Big course.

This report shares step-by-step instructions on how to use four WordPress plugins that can help you as you build your list – one plugin will vastly increase your list’s opt-in rate, the next will automate interaction with new list members, the third is another automation tool to help you personalize posts and pages within your blog, and the fourth is a free auto-responder plugin you may not have even known existed.

In addition to information about where to get each of these plugins for NO COST, plus step-by-step instructions that include screenshots, this report also has a specialized link that will let you get my normally $97 list-building course for just $15!

Click to download your FREE POWERHOUSE PLUGINS REPORT now!

Scribe: A New Tool of the SEO Trade

parchment paper with burned edges, a brown writing quill, and a black ink well

Scribe is a new plugin from Brian Clark of Copyblogger that takes the guesswork out of writing search engine optimized blog posts, or any other form of online writing, for that matter. With Scribe, bloggers can instantly tell whether or not their posts have maximized optimization for search engines yet maintained readability for humans. I’ve been using this plugin for several weeks now and have seen an increase in organic traffic. Plus, it’s very easy to use.

SEO Copywriting Made Simple

Scribe differs from typical SEO tools. Instead of asking you for a keyword phrase and then guiding you to construct content around it, the Scribe plugin will:

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Content Theft Prevention Plugin

CG burglar running while carrying bag

Providing fresh and unique content is vital to a blog’s growth, and preventing others from copying and pasting your posts and images has been difficult. Until now. The Computer Tech Tips and Computer Tricks Blog shares a WordPress plugin that not only disables text selection/right-click function, it displays a message to would-be content thieves and tracks their IP address so blog owners have proof, should you need it.

Step-by-step download and installation instructions are available at the Wp-PreventCopyBlogs plugin homepage. The plugin is free, but the site owner has a PayPal donate link for those who wish to contribute.

(Note: I have not yet test-driven this plug-in, but I’ve had people ask me about this issue, so I thought I’d share this link with my readers.)

The Stress-free Way to Back Up Your Blog

Backup key

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing data. Especially when you have no way to retrieve it. That’s why I use and recommend the WordPress Database Backup plugin. Once installed and activated, this plugin will show up in your Dashboard sidebar under the Tools heading. From there you can select which files you wish to save and how often. You can also select what you want the plugin to do with your database backup. I have mine emailed to me to my Gmail address so I can access it from any computer.

How can you lose data on a server-based blog, such as WordPress?

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To DoFollow or To NoFollow: That is the Question


One of the ways bloggers are taught to increase traffic to their sites is by leaving insightful comments on other blogs, especially those within their niche. What some don’t know, though, is that WordPress (as well as Blogger and most blog platforms) by default have embedded a “nofollow” tag into the comments area. This means that those who submit comments to your blog for the sole purpose of “link baiting” (a.k.a. spammers) will not receive their reward. It also means none of your regular readers get a backlink for commenting and neither have you. (Note: You can check incoming links to your blog at iWebTool’s Free BackLink Checker.)

This is a shame for those who genuinely wish to interact with blogs they read regularly. It’s neighborly to spread link love. Sadly, like many things in life, good intentions are often foiled by the few who abuse the system. There is a WordPress “dofollow” plugin, but many bloggers who have activated it have been frustrated with the increasing amount of spam it invites. Now there’s a way to reward your real readers and foil would-be spammers.

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