Headlines that Make You Go Hmm . . .


According to the late copywriting great David Ogilvy, four out of five people read only headlines. If your headline is doing its job, the reader should continue on and at least read the first sentence. There are countless Internet articles available about headline writing that include fill-in-the-blank formulas, continue the “write for humans”/”write for bots” debate, or even answer the age-old question, “How many words should a headline contain?” Problem is, most of these pieces don’t explain WHY certain headlines are effective or HOW to write them.

Hopefully, we’ll do that here.

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Freebie Friday — $40 Ebook!


How to write headlines that get results every time. This report is a gift from Sean D’Souza, who authorized me to distribute it. His site psychotactics.com has some amazing information. I know you’ll enjoy this report, and hopefully you’ll find the other information Sean has written and recorded as useful as I have. Continue reading →

102 Headline Formulas

Writing Headlines

Even though nearly every journalistic course taught harps on the importance of headlines, when I worked in the newspaper industry (small town weeklies — lots of fun!), creating headlines was the final touch before putting the paper to bed. Our main goal when creating a headline was: Make it fit so we don’t have to lay out the entire page again. (Ah, memories of the old cut & paste era.)

This frenzy of headline-scrawling often took place just before our deadline to meet our press appointment — 4 a.m. — so you can imagine how great some of our headlines were. Continue reading →