Telling the Story of Your Business

The Story of Your Business
Telling the story of your business is an important element of building an authority blog. I probably use the phrase “Know-Like-Trust” every week (at least!) on this blog, and that’s because it’s such a vital tactic for setting yourself apart from the competition.

Telling your business story isn’t a one-time action.

  • Weave the story of your business throughout your blog posts. Include a little part of frequently.
  • Your business story shouldn’t be told in the beginning-middle-end format from “soup to nuts,” but each time you choose to share part of the story of your business, write that part in beginning-middle-end.
  • For example, when you tell why you picked this particular field to build a business in, share the beginning, middle, and end of the “why” part of your business story in one post (or a series, if it’s a long story).

What part(s) of your business story should you tell?

  • Share who you are. What makes you qualified to do what you do? What life experiences have brought you to this point?
  • Share what it is that you do for your customers and readers. What benefits will they receive by reading your blog and/or doing business with you?
  • Share the “when” of upcoming (or past) events that either have shaped or that you hope will shape your business. Have you learned something at a conference or convention you attended that took you in a different direction? How has that helped (or hurt) your business?
  • Share where you hope to go in your business. What are your goals? How to you plan to attain them?
  • Share why you chose your particular niche. If you’re a novelist, why did you choose to become a novelist? Most why stories are very compelling and inspiring.
  • Share how your readers and customers can help. Make a clear call to action in every blog post and article, whether it’s something as simple as asking them to pass along your post via social media, leave a comment, or if it’s a request for them to buy one of your products or services. Be specific about exactly what they need to do and (if applicable, such as in a purchase or email opt-in) exactly what will happen when they do it.

As you share the story of your business, bring it home for your readers. Let them connect in the “if he/she can do it, I can do it” sort of way. Inspire them. Give them confidence.

Remember, readers read your blog because they want to be like you. Did you ever think about that? So, sharing your story will not only increase the Know-Like-Trust relationship you have with your readers, but it will help them as they work to build their own business.

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