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Do you suffer from the dreaded “nobody reads my blog” syndrome?

Have you ever wondered why your blog isn’t getting the amount of visitors and activity you’d like it to?

I’m going to show you the top three reasons why people don’t read blogs. AND what you can do to overcome all three.

The number one reason why people don’t read blogs is they simply don’t know they exist. With the literally thousands of other blogs out there, making sure your blog rises to the top can be a daunting endeavor. But there’s a solution to this dilemma, and it’s yours for free.

To help you out, I’ve developed a free video mini-course called “The Well-fed Blogger.” This mini-course gives you little-known strategies you can use every time you write a blog post to help your audience find your blog.

The next reason people give for not reading blogs is that they’re just too busy. In today’s go-go-do-do society, this is understandable. It’s almost forgivable. But the fact is, people DO take the time to read blogs. So, what makes those blogs so different, so compelling, that even the busiest of busy person browses over her favorite blog every morning? More important – what can you do to put YOUR blog among the must-reads? In the free Well-fed Blogger mini-course, I’ll reveal the secret formula used by successful bloggers. This one little strategy can launch your blog to the top of your audience’s gotta-read-it list.

Lastly, and I’m just going to give it to you straight here, okay? Some people might not be reading your blog because, well, because they simply don’t like it. Ouch! I know that’s painful to hear, but it’s true of many blogs. Maybe it’s the design. Maybe it’s the content. No worries, though. In the free Well-fed Blogger mini-course, I’ll disclose design elements that work and stealth maneuvers for creating content that will draw your readers in and keep them coming back for more.

Just think of the benefits you can get by owning a top-notch blog:

* You can strengthen your brand by positioning yourself as the go-to-guy (or gal) in your field of expertise.
* You can develop a trust relationship with your readers and then market your products and services to them.
* You can sit on your yacht and drink Mai Tais. Well, maybe not this year, but if that’s what you really want, it could happen!

The Well-fed Blogger free video mini-course shares tactics I’ve learned while sitting at the virtual feet of some of the blogosphere’s most respected experts.

To get started, simply type your first name and email address into the form to your right, and GET FED NOW!

(P.S. If you came here looking to get a copy of the FREE Blogger’s Checklist, rest assured that you’ll also receive a link to receive a free copy of the checklist when you register for the Well-Fed Blogger’s Video Mini-Course.)

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#1 Angie on 12.07.10 at 1:48 pm

Looking forward to the course!

#2 Deana on 01.25.11 at 10:43 pm

I’m excited to see what you have to offer. Thanks.

#3 T Poindexter on 05.27.11 at 8:20 am

I need lots of help!!!

#4 Babs on 10.26.11 at 2:17 pm

I jumped into blogging before I knew the basics. I look forward to your insights and expertise. Thanks in advance.

#5 Buffy on 02.23.12 at 10:30 pm

Just connected with you on LinkedIn and really curious about blogging, Linda.

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