Transporting Your Blog to a New Home — Part I


I’ve been promoting self-hosted WordPress blogs a lot on this blog because I truly believe it’s the best platform for anyone who is serious about blogging. Now I’ve had several readers contact me to ask how one goes about moving a blog from Blogger to WordPress, so I’ve promised to provide a tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

I was hoping to make a video, but unfortunately due to life getting in the way, I haven’t had time to do that yet. Thus the “Part I” in the title. This post will give you the first steps of what you’ll need to do and then, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll get the video done and you’ll be able to better understand what I’m talking about here plus we’ll conclude with the final steps to complete the transition. Thanks for your patience!

Why not just use Blogger’s export function and then use WordPress’s import function?

Good question. The main reason that won’t work is because, unless you manually change each one of them, your old links will link to nowhere.

Here are the steps you’ll need to do to get started:

  • Register your new domain name and change your nameservers to your new web host.
  • Install WordPress onto your newly registered domain.
  • Sign up for a Feedburner account if you don’t already have one so you can transfer your subscribers.
  • Log into Blogger and go to Settings > Site Feed. Enter the feed URL from your Feedburner account into the field titled “Post Feed Redirect URL.”
  • Customize your WordPress blog’s permalinks to match the ones from your Blogger site to minimize broken links. The Blogger permalink structure is:
  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Import > Blogger. This tool will automatically transfer your posts and comments.
  • Install and activate the WordPress plugin Redirection. The reason for this step is because Blogger ignores certain words in post titles, such as “and” and “the,” but WordPress includes them. This plugin redirects the links. For example the plugin will convert “bloggers-checklist” to “the-bloggers-checklist.”

You’re “almost there,” but we’ll finish this tomorrow when I hope to have time to record the video tutorial to show exactly how to do these steps.

Until then,

Happy Blogging!

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#1 richard on 12.18.09 at 1:29 pm

The only problem with the import tool is that it doesn’t always work properly. When I tried importing my blog, it seemed to get all the posts (over 612) , but it only grabbed 112 of the comments.

This appears to be an unadressed problem with the import tool, since I was able to find others with the same problem, but no resolution.

Otherwise, yeah, everything should word as you describe.

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