Transporting Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

I started this topic a few weeks ago and then got caught up with holiday stuff and am just now returning to finish. I apologize for the delay. Part of the problem with me writing on this particular topic is that when I transported my blogs into WordPress, I wasn’t concerned with things such as traffic and permalink structure, so I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. (Ignorance is bliss, right?)

Because several readers have asked me about this process, I wanted to make a video with step by step instructions but I haven’t had time to do the required research and then go through the process myself so I can make the video. However, I have found an excellent free online tutorial, complete with screenshots, that takes you through the entire process. Instead of keeping those of you who asked for this information hanging any longer, I’m going to simply give you the link to Rahul’s post: Moving from Blogger to WordPress — Maintaining Permalinks, Traffic & SEO.

Again, I apologize for being so slow and for not writing this tutorial personally, but trust me, this guy did a better job of explaining it than I would have done since I didn’t do it the right way when I moved. So, those of you who wanted this information are better off reading his post.

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#1 Kim on 01.05.10 at 7:02 am

Is wordpress better then blogger? Why should I consider switching?

#2 Linda Fulkerson on 01.05.10 at 7:57 am

Hi Kim,

Because I’ve been asked this question a number of times, I went ahead and posted my response to an email question that was sent to me from a reader who asked the same thing. My reply explains my personal reasons for using WordPress, but each blogger will have to chose what is best for him or her.

If you have further questions after reading the post I just put up with that email replay, please feel free to ask them & I’ll do my best to answer.

Happy Blogging!

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