Using Video to Promote Your Stuff


Note: This post is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about YouTube.

I just completed my first “promotional” video and uploaded it to various video sharing sites. I learned a couple of things (and I’m sure more lessons are forthcoming):

Here’s the video I made:

  • I used background music throughout the video, and I should have talked to the viewer instead. The slides explain the 12 “lists within the list” of  The Blogger’s Checklist, but me speaking about the free report would likely be more effective, so I need to produce another video soon.
  • I used an intro & exit slide with a call to action to order the free report and those slides included The Blogger’s Checklist’s website address, however, I didn’t take into consideration how much smaller the video would appear in a video player compared to a desktop slideshow. The URL is barely visible. When I create a new video with my voice, I need to add a final slide with no graphics — just an invitation to get the free report and the site’s URL.

I’m still a work in progress with video marketing but I’m learning a lot. I just thought these early lessons might be beneficial to others and wanted to post them before I forgot!

Happy Blogging!


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